Low-cost carriers turn to songs, parlor games by crew as in-flight entertainment

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Aside from low-cost fares, budget carriers around the world seem to have one thing in common and that’s getting resourceful when it comes to in-flight entertainment.

In the absence of modern and high-tech in-flight entertainment systems, low-cost carriers are turning to cabin crew to host parlor games and serenade passengers during flights.

A bemused passenger on an Air Asia flight from Cambodia to Vietnam recently uploaded a video clip capturing their flight attendant crooning an Ed Sheeran song using the aircraft’s interphone system as a microphone.

“There was no in-flight entertainment on our flight from Cambodia to Vietnam, so our flight attendant said he’d perform for us,” the passenger captioned her video.

“I’ve never been so confused and happy all at once,” she added.

Air Asia isn’t the only carrier to turn to live song performances as its in-flight entertainment. 

A passenger from American ultra low-cost carrier Avelo also uploaded a video clip of a flight attendant singing live to passengers during an evening flight.

The performance seemed to be appreciated and enjoyed, with passengers breaking into applause at the end of the song.

Meanwhile, a flight attendant for Dominican passenger and charter airline Sky Cana also uploaded a video clip of himself singing a song for his passengers before take-off. 


Flight attendant singing flightattendants cabin crew jhorwel07 cabincrewstories singing crewstyle airbus allaroundtheworld musicvideo goodvibes behppy fallowyourdreams plane tripulante letshavefun nolimits cantando tripulantedecabinadepasajeros buenamusica🎶🎧♩ vuelaconmigo comeflywithme welcomeonboard

♬ sonido original – Jhorwel Ramos

He can be seen looking at the lyrics on his mobile phone as he sang. The flight’s captain can also be seen looking at him and smiling in approval of the performance.

Philippine low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific.is known for offering interactive in-flight entertainment such as hosting trivia and parlor games.”

The carrier is also known to partner with local celebrities to host the “fun” games on board. 

However, not everyone is amused by this type of entertainment. 

“Cebu Pacific should stop those stupid parlor games. It’s just plain silly and causes unnecessary discomfort to other passengers,” one passenger tweeted.

Some are appreciative of the games, especially because the airline provides small prizes to game winners.

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