Lufthansa unveils new Allegris long-haul cabin product

Miquel Ros / AeroTime

Lufthansa unveiled its new Allegris long-haul cabin at an event in Berlin, on February 28, 2023. 

All cabin classes, First, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy, will be covered by this comprehensive product revamp, which is a key element of the German airline’s €2.5B product investment program.  

In total, 27,000 new seats will be fitted across the airline’s Boeing 747-8, Boeing 787, A350-900 aircraft, and, the moment they become available, the Boeing 777-9. Lufthansa has 34 of the type on order.  

The first-class suites, called “Suite Plus”, have been designed to offer a secluded space with (almost) total privacy. Lufthansa plans to fit three of these suites in those aircraft that offer first class and, interestingly, one of them will be a double suite, so that two passengers can share it. 

The Allegris business class concept also comes in different flavors, in order to suit the needs of different profiles of passengers. The front rows of the cabin, for example, offer enhanced levels of privacy thanks to higher external walls, while making it possible for two passengers travelling together to have a common space in the middle. 

There is also a “throne” business class seat designed for solo travelers, with some extra features, such as a larger seatback screen and a larger work area compared to the standard business class seats. 

Other business class options include window seats with a high degree of privacy, seats with an extra-long 2.20m bed, privacy window seats with baby bassinet and double seats (placed in the last row of the business class cabin, they offer a smaller distance between the two adjacent passengers and can be combined to form a double berth by means of a retractable center console), as well as standard business class seats with direct aisle access. 

Premium economy also presents some enhancements to the current product, the most remarkable of which is the outer hard shell of the seat, adding extra privacy and comfort. 

Finally, the Allegris cabin will also have a revamped economy class product, with Recaro CL3810 seats, an iteration of the CL3710 currently seen on Lufthansa’s B787 aircraft. Seats in the front rows of the economy class cabin (designated as extra-legroom) feature a rather impressive 39” pitch and a 6” recline.  

The roll out of the new cabin will start already this year and will stretch well into 2024 and beyond. 

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