Maeve Aerospace plans to develop sustainable aircraft family

Maeve Aerospace

In the heart of the Netherlands, a modest-sized scale-up named Maeve is quietly pushing the boundaries of regional aviation.  

With a team of around 35 industry veterans, the Delft-based company, with another office in Munich, Germany, is working diligently to introduce a new era of sustainability in air travel. 

Maeve’s central goal is to develop a sustainable regional aircraft. Its flagship creation, Maeve 01, is an all-electric battery-powered aircraft tailored for the sub-50 passenger regional aviation category.  

But Maeve’s aspirations go beyond its initial design. The company wants to eventually diversify its portfolio by introducing a whole aircraft family based on the same platform. This strategic approach will enable Maeve to contemplate the development of a 100-passenger class aircraft. 

By the close of 2030 or early 2031, Maeve plans to receive certification and initiate deliveries of its first aircraft. The subsequent aircraft family is slated for introduction by mid-2030. 

Speaking on the sidelines of the World Aviation Festival in Lisbon, Joost Dieben, Co-Founder of Maeve Aerospace, explained to AeroTime his company’s vision for the future of aviation. 

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