Man apprehended after breaking into Air Force One base

Boeing VC-25 at Joint Base Andrews
Marty Gopert / Wikipedia

An intruder was apprehended after breaking into United States Air Force (USAF) facility Joint Base Andrews on February 6, 2023. 

The base houses several US military aircraft, including the Boeing VC-25, which is used for presidential transport and commonly known as Air Force One. 

According to a tweet published to the Joint Base Andrews account, a man gained unauthorized access to the base’s housing area.  

“A resident discharged a firearm, security forces arrived on scene to apprehend the intruder, & law enforcement is investigating the incident. No injuries nor property damage reported,” the tweet read.  

According to ADSB Exchange data, at least one of the two VC-25s, registered 82-800, was located at the base at the time, having conducted its previous flight on February 1, 2023. 

The housing units are located at the Eastern side of the base and are in the vicinity of the base’s hangars, which include Hangar 19 where the VC-25s are usually parked. 

According to ABC News, the USAF said it “did not have anything to add” to the statement posted to Twitter.  

A similar incident occurred in March 2021, when an unauthorized civilian entered the base, wandered around for four hours and climbed aboard the USAF’s Boeing C-40 Clipper aircraft before being apprehended. 

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