Man caught filming up crew member’s skirt amid call to ditch crew skirt for pants

brandonspam_ / TikTok

A passenger has been caught red-handed while trying to film up a flight attendant’s skirt during the serving of the meal on his flight. 

The incident was captured on video, in which the passenger can be clearly seen using his mobile phone to film on a low angle while a flight attendant walked backwards with a meal trolley.

In the second clip of the video, another male passenger wearing a vest can be seen approaching the man and grabbing the hand that still held the mobile phone.

The final clip shows a still photo of police onboard the aircraft, surrounding the man. It is assumed that all other passengers were allowed to deplane, except for the suspect.

The video was uploaded in July 2023 by user Brandon Conner, though further details such as the airline and the city where the flight landed are currently unknown. 

This incident comes amid growing calls for some airline companies to allow its female flight attendants to have the option to wear pants instead of skirts for uniforms. 

A photo of an Asiana Airlines female flight attendant, taken during a May 2023 incident wherein a passenger opened the emergency exit door of the aircraft, went viral and triggered a public reaction against skirt uniforms. 

In the photo, the flight attendant can be seen trying to block the emergency exit door, and wearing a skirt appeared to impede her doing so. 

Although some airlines such as British Airways and Alaska Airlines have begun offering trousers and allowing female attendants to choose, most airlines, especially Asian carriers, still predominantly require female flight attendants to wear skirts. 

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