Man ducks on runway to avoid being struck by landing private plane: video

Beechcraft baron 58
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Video footage has emerged online of a man walking onto a runway in Brazil and almost being hit by a landing private plane.  

The footage, which has not been verified, reportedly happened at the Agrishow in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.  

In the video a man wearing jeans and carrying a bag begins to cross a dirt runway when a Beechcraft Baron 58 suddenly comes in to land at high speed.  

As the sound of the plane roars past the man is forced to duck to avoid being struck by the aircraft.  

The man appears to be only a few feet away from being hit by the private propeller plane which is registered as PR-CRM.  

According to RadarBox the plane landed in Ribeirao Preto on Friday, April 28, 2023, at 11:17am local time.  

Another video shared on social media seems to show the terrifying moment from the view of the pilot.  

The footage, which was originally shared by an account belonging to a José Pedro, claims to be the pilot aboard the landing aircraft.  

In the post, which has been translated by Instagram, Pedro defends the incident and wrote that it was only possible to see the man walking across the runway at the last moment. 

Pedro writes that the runway is only 600 metres long, so it requires the aircraft to begin the touchdown at the start of the track.  

He tells his 78,000 followers that two fire trucks were at the scene preparing for the landing and a number of event organisers.  

Pedro concludes that the man was on his mobile phone and not to prejudge that he was at fault.  

A spokesperson for Agrishow told AeroTime: “Agrishow has a landing strip available for small aircraft, with authorized operation. There is an established protocol for take-off and landing procedures and isolation of the area, under the control of civil firefighters and the security team, which was duly observed at the time.”

The spokesperson added: “Despite this, a person invaded the runway in total disregard of the established safety rules, but fortunately it did not have any consequences.”

Agrishow is the largest agricultural technology trade shows in the world and is held between May 1 and May 5, 2023. 

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