Mexicana completes inaugural flight as weather tries to dampen celebrations 

Mexicana inaugural flight
Mexican Government

The revived airline Mexicana has completed its inaugural flight despite weather conditions attempting to dampen celebrations. 

The Boeing 737-800, adorned in the new Mexicana livery, took off from Mexico City to the holiday resort of Tulum on December 26, 2023, but was forced to divert due to fog.    

After departing Felipe Angeles International Airport (NLU) at 9:55 am, flight 1788 made an unscheduled landing in Merida to avoid landing in Tulum in challenging conditions. 

“Tulum route was diverted to its alternate airport Mérida due to weather conditions. The aircraft will refuel and remain in Mérida waiting for better conditions to fly to its destination,” the airline wrote on social media.   

Local journalist Vicente Gálvez also reported that the aircraft had to be inspected by maintenance crews after liquid was seen spilling from one of the wings.  

Shortly before 1:30 pm the Boeing 737-800 eventually landed in Tulum, safely completing its first commercial flight.  

Mexicana will initially operate services to 14 Mexican destinations with a focus on keeping ticket prices at an affordable level. 

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador celebrated the completion of the inaugural flight in a speech.  

“Is Mexicana going to be managed efficiently now? The answer is yes, because she is going to handle herself with honesty, she is not going to be handled by thieves,” the President said.  

The airline will be operated by the country’s military forces which takes responsibility for a number of services in Mexico.  

The airline planned to lease 10 737-800 aircraft from Boeing when the relaunch was announced in August 2023, but an agreement was not reached in time.  

Mexicana has started operations with five aircraft, two Boeing 737-800s, a 737-300 and two Embraer E145s wet leased to Mexicana from the regional airline, TAR. 

“Operation is starting with five aircraft, three 737-800 and two Embraer, but we are considering starting next year to have, through an American company, the rental of other Boeing aircraft that will be arriving, perhaps, in the first and second month, another five planes,” the Secretary of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, said. 

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