Embraer unveils new eagle-themed Profit Hunter E2 aircraft

Embraer Profit Hunter Tech Eagle

Embraer has unveiled a new Profit Hunter E195-E2 painted in a special Tech Eagle livery. 

According to Arjan Meijer, President and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, the eye-catching color scheme, which features a realistic depiction of an eagle head covering the nose and frontal part of the fuselage, aims to evoke this aircraft type’s “eagle-like efficiency and quite flight”. 

Embraer has a long tradition of so-called “profit hunter” aircraft. These are specially decorated aircraft the Brazilian manufacturer uses for marketing purposes, flying them to airshows and promotional events all over the world. 

The name is a reference to the E2 family of aircraft and its operational efficiency credentials. Embraer claims the E2 regional jet helps airlines increase profits by delivering lower operational costs than its competitors in this market segment (aircraft for around 100 passengers). 

Other Profit Hunter aircraft used by Embraer have featured, successively, designs inspired by a lion, a shark and a snow leopard.  

As of October 24, 2023, Embraer has received 34 orders for the E190 E2 (16 of which have already been delivered) and 236 for the E195 E2 (63 delivered). 

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