New Indian airline Fly91 takes shape 


Fly91, India’s new startup airline, is gradually revealing more details about its expected roll-out. 

On June 2, 2023, Fly91 unveiled its corporate image and brand, which includes allusions to a flying butterfly as well as to the international dialling code for India, ‘91’. 

If all goes according to the plans that have been outlined, the new carrier will be operational towards the end of 2023, operating a fleet of 76-seat ATR-72 aircraft between India’s second and third tier cities. 

Behind the Fly91 project is a team of senior executives from India’s financial and airline industries, which has raised startup capital equivalent to US$24 million in local currency. 

Goa’s brand-new Manohar International Airport (GOX), which opened in December 2022, will be the main base of the new airline. 

The Indian airline industry is currently in a state of flux, with the likes of Air India and Indigo placing orders for hundreds of aircraft. On the other hand some operators, such as GoFirst and SpiceJet, appear to be struggling financially, despite the continuing growth in the number of people traveling by air in India. 

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