New Qatar Airways management cuts back authoritarian curfew for cabin crew

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Qatar Airways’ new CEO Badr Mohammed Al Meer is living up to his words of heralding a “new era” after taking over the top role. 

Almost a month into the airline’s new management, cabin crew have reportedly been given notice that curfews imposed before their rostered days off and annual leave will now be removed.

The update was reported by A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge, a Facebook group for cabin crew worldwide that has over one million followers.

Under Qatar Airways’ previous CEO Akbar Al Baker, cabin crew adhered to severe, almost authoritarian rules that included a strict curfew. 

Previously, cabin crew were required to remain inside the company-provided housing between the hours of 04:00 – 07:00 daily, unless they were on an international layover. This meant that cabin crew were not permitted to spend the night anywhere else in their city base of Doha. 

Cabin crew also were not allowed to leave their accommodation 12 hours before a flying duty. 

Confessions from former cabin crew included being monitored by housing accommodation guards via electronic keycards and surveillance camera, and unannounced house raids conducted by managers and supervisors.

The new management has reportedly removed the 04:00-07:00 curfew during days off and annual leave, but crew are still required to remain in their accommodation for nine hours (instead of 12) before a flight duty.

While cabin crew are still not totally free from curfew, the changes seem to be a step towards the “culture of trust and empowerment” that the airline’s new CEO said he intended to foster.

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