One of the last surviving WWI Nieuport 28 fighter planes crashes during landing

Nieuport 28 crashes
Stow Fire Department

A First World War-era Nieuport 28 biplane fighter aircraft has crashed in the United States (US) following an attempted landing. 

The aircraft was found upside down on its roof at the end of the runway near to the American Heritage Museum in Hudson, Massachusetts on, September 17, 2023, shortly before 11:00 am local time. 

The pilot of the single engine Nieuport 28 had already managed to escape from the aircraft by the time emergency responders showed up at the scene.  

The pilot did not report any injuries but was evaluated at the scene as a precaution. 

A preliminary investigation determined that, while attempting to land at the American Heritage Museum, the aircraft’s front landing gear failed causing the plane to flip over on its roof.   

Police chief Michael Sallese and fire chief John Benoit confirmed that the Stow Police and fire departments responded to a plane crash this afternoon.   

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been notified about the crash and will investigate further. 

No details were given on the condition of the aircraft. There are believed to be only five complete examples of the Nieuport 28 biplane in known existence.  

According to the US Air and Space Museum, the plane appeared in 1917, and was rejected by its French developers for the Spad XIII. 

Having no suitable fighter plane of its own the US bought dozens of the Nieuport 28, while it waited to receive the Spad VIII. 

It was the first fighter aircraft to serve with an American fighter unit under American command and in support of US troops. 

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