Nordstar Airlines operated Boeing 737 overshoots Siberian runway in Russia 

Boeing 737-800 Nordstar Airlines
West Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office

A Boeing 737-800 operated by the Russian carrier Nordstar Airlines overran the end of the runway at Norilsk Alykel Airport (NSK) in Siberia.   

The incident happened shortly before 9:50 am local time on January 9, 2024, after the plane landed from Krasnoyarsk International Airport (KJA). 

According to Russian news website Prospekt Mira, the Boeing 737-800 rolled off the runway and came to a halt up to 30 meters from where the airstrips ends.  

There were 196 passengers onboard the flight at the time of the incident, along with eight crew members.  

The West Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that there were no injuries to anyone on the plane.  

Following the incident, the passengers were transported to the airport terminal and the passenger jet was towed back. 

Conditions at the time of the incident were extremely cold, with temperatures reaching as low as –19 degrees Celsius.   

The West Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that an investigation had begun into how the accident happened. 

Aviation accident investigators are understood to be traveling to NSK to start gathering evidence.  

In December 2023, an investigation was launched by the Federal Air Transport Agency in Russia after an Antonov An-24 carrying 30 passengers mistakenly landed on a frozen river.    

According to the East Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office, the Antonov An-24 aircraft, operated by Polar Airlines, was due to land on a runway in the town of Zyryanka in the Republic of Sakha on December 28, 2023.  

However, the passenger plane, with four crew onboard, “deviated from the runway during landing and landed on a sand spit of the Kolyma River”. 

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