America’s newest airline Northern Pacific prepares for launch: video

Northern Pacific Airways b757s
Northern Pacific Airways

America’s newest carrier Northern Pacific Airways will make its first commercial flight on July 14, 2023, taking passengers to Las Vegas from Ontario, US.  

Currently, the team at Northern Pacific Airways are carrying out multiple proving runs where representatives from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) travel onboard to undertake assessments. 

Since June 26, 2023, the airline’s Boeing 757-200 has flown on seven different occasions from Grant Country International (MWH), Ontario Airport (ONT) and the carrier’s base at Anchorage Airport (ANC). 

In footage shared on social media, the airline paraded its new jet taxiing at ONT, following the completion of a proving flight. 

Its distinctive livery was designed by Edmond Huot of Forward Studio in New York City. 

Previously, Northern Pacific Airways underwent an evacuation test, which is Phase 4 of completing the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Certification Process for scheduled airlines (designated as Part 121 carriers in the US).   

After the proving flights, “FAA team members will report their observations during these activities on the Element Performance Assessment (EPA) data collection tool or Custom Data Collection Tools,” explained the agency, now in the process of becoming a certified Part 121 carrier.  

“The CPM [Certification Project Manager – ed. note] will analyze that data and make an assessment about the performance of an air carrier system,” continued the FAA, adding that Phase 4 is over once an airline has successfully completed proving tests.  

Phase 5 involves administrative functions, with an airline obtaining a license once the CPM and Certification Project Team (CPT) are satisfied that the carrier meets US regulations.  

Northern Pacific Airways is the creation of regional airline Ravn Alaska, and it purchased its first jet, the Boeing 757-200, on September 30, 2021. 

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