Orlando Airport’s reserve fuel supply runs low after bad weather delays supply

Cari Rubin Photography/ Shutterstock.com

Orlando International Airport (MCO) advised on December 11, 2022, that “weather issues” along the Gulf Coast have prevented the delivery of jet fuel reserve supply. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that the consortium group handling MCO airport had advised airlines coming into Orlando to have additional fuel through the weekend to minimize the amount needed to take on return flights.

Warnings for low fuel reserve supply began days prior when ships carrying additional fuel reserves that were bound for the airport were delayed due to bad weather along the Gulf Coast. 

Delta Airlines has also posted an advisory telling passengers that ongoing fuel supply disruptions may affect travel to and from Orlando over the next two days.

In a statement seen by local media, United Airlines said that it will be making added stops for refueling on its flights to / from MCO airport.

“Because of a shortage of fuel in Orlando that is impacting multiple airlines, we will add planned fuel stops on Sunday and Monday for some flights from Orlando,” United said. “At this time we expect to operate our full schedule to get our customers to their destinations as planned.” 

As of the afternoon of December 11, 2022, MCO Airport said that the weather has lifted and that ships have departed. The airport also said that airline contingency plans are in place if flight disruptions were to occur.

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