Passenger booted off Ryanair flight after heckling cabin crew during safety demo

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A Ryanair passenger was escorted off a flight in handcuffs by armed police after he went on a drunken rampage inside the aircraft.

Darren Gill, aged 33, was on a flight from Manchester Airport (MAN) to Santander Airport (SDR) in Spain with his partner and young son.

Their flight was originally scheduled to depart at 13:00 local time, but was delayed until 20:30 local time. Gill used the seven-hour delay to hit the airport bars and went on a drinking spree.

By the time he boarded the plane, he was intoxicated. Gill was located in the front area of the aircraft and had been shouting abusive tirades to his partner, who was seated at the back of the plane. 

Police officers were called and were told by cabin crew that Gill was not cooperative or listening to the flight safety announcements and briefing.

‘When the officers boarded the plane, the defendant started to walk towards them. They could smell intoxicants on his breath, he had slurred speech and was very unsteady on his feet,” Megan Edwards, who was prosecuting the case in court, said, as reported by the Daily Mail. 

Gill accused police of ruining his holiday and headbutted a steel pole on the way out. 

At Manchester Magistrates Court, Gill admitted to being drunk on an aircraft and was fined £459 ($585) with a £184 ($235) victim surcharge and £85 ($108) costs.

The incident occurred on July 26, 2022. 

The Manchester Evening News reported that Gill had 67 previous offenses on his record including a public order matter in 2004.

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