Passenger jumps from jet bridge trying to catch missed flight at Malaga Airport

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How far have you gone to catch a flight that you’re running late for? Perhaps you made an incredible dash to get to your gate, or even took an airport buggy to fast track you across terminals.

On June 16, 2023, one determined passenger in Spain’s Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport (AGP) literally took the leap of faith when he jumped off a jet bridge to catch a flight that he’d just missed. 

Video footage of the incident was uploaded on social media, which showed the unidentified man speaking and signaling to ground crew on the tarmac 12 feet below, while a gate agent looked on from the jet bridge.

The passenger was then seen getting ready to jump off the jet bridge, while workers from the ground frantically waved their hands, discouraging him from jumping.

Undeterred, the passenger made the leap and amazingly he was uninjured from the 12 feet fall. Despite the stunt, he did not make it to the Morocco-bound flight.

The daring passenger had already earlier caused inconvenience to other passengers on the flight when the aircraft delayed taxiing for a few minutes to wait for him.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Spain was called to handle the matter, and it is not known if any charges were laid against the passenger.

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