Passenger uses cling wrap to transform economy seat into ‘business class’ seat

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We all have our trusty travel hacks to make flights a little more comfortable.

However, one passenger seems to have taken a cling wrap ‘hack’ to the extreme.

A female passenger was filmed using cling wrap to build a fortress around three economy seats. 

The now-viral video, with 3.8 million views on TikTok, shows the passenger determinedly enclosing the space of three economy seats which she presumably booked, using a roll of cling wrap.

Later on, a flight attendant approached her and started to undo the passenger’s DIY ‘business class’ seat. 

The passenger appeared to be distressed, asking the flight attendant repeatedly, “Where are the rules?” when she was told that what she had done was not permitted. 

The video ends with the flight attendant showing much patience and constraint as he methodically removed the cling wrap amidst the passenger’s rants.

Fake or real?

Although the video has been shared and viewed millions of times, its authenticity is still unclear. 

Uploaded on May 18, 2023, it discloses no details of the flight, such as the airline or the destination of the flight.

There also seems to be only three other passengers on the flight, including the unseen (and unnamed) owner of the video who was filming.

Some comments claimed that it might have been a customer service training for flight attendants. 

Given the bizarre antics of real-life passengers these days, it would not be too surprising if the cling wrap-loving passenger is indeed one of the customer service exercises presented to flight attendants.

The power of cling wrap

This is not the first time that a roll of cling wrap has been involved in a commercial flight, though. 

In 2019, passengers on a flight to Phuket joined forces to pin down and cling wrap an unruly passenger who tried to open the emergency door mid-flight. 

The flight made an emergency landing in Uzbekistan, where police arrested the wrapped passenger.

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