Pentagon confirms Patriot system damaged in Kyiv fixed and operational

U.S. Army photo

The United States Department of Defense confirmed that one of the two Patriot air defense systems operational in Ukraine damaged during a Russian missile attack on Kyiv on May 16, 2023, was repaired with assistance from the US.  

“There was minor damage to the Patriot. It has been repaired, it is fully back online and operational,” reported Sabrina Singh, Deputy Press Secretary of the US Department of Defense in a press briefing.  

“The United States did provide some assistance when it came to the repair of the Patriot,” Singh added, not detailing whether the assistance was provided remotely or on the ground. 

Contradicting claims 

On the morning of May 16, 2023, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that 18 missiles had been launched by Russia during the night, claiming that it had intercepted them all, including six Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.   

However, later in the day, Russia’s defense ministry claimed that one Patriot anti-aircraft missile system was saturated and destroyed by the incoming missiles.    

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