Pilots: KlasJet steps up recruitment


As a private and corporate jet charter company, KlasJet is known as a leader in the provision of individual and group bespoke flights worldwide.  

Driven by a passion for aviation and excellent client experience, the Lithuania-based firm stands out from the crowd because its business line runs both VIP and ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) operations.  

At present, KlasJet is the biggest VIP airline in Europe in terms of fleet size. On the VIP side, it has five Boeing B737-500/ 300 + while in its ACMI operations it has five Boeing B737 NG (B737-800). KlasJet is planning to add four more B737 NG (B737-800) by the end of 2023. For its ACMI services, its current bases are Hurghada in Egypt and Belgrade in Serbia. However, additional projects are planned for this winter which will widen its geographical operations.

A record of excellence 

As a fast-expanding company, KlasJet is open for business, particularly when it comes to recruitment.  

Sandra Diaso, Head of Human Resources at KlasJet, says there are various open positions for pilots wanting a new challenge at a progressive company. 

“We are a unique company, especially as we are the only aviation company in Europe providing our business model. Until the beginning of this year, we were [solely] a VIP charter airline. Now, we have added ACMI to our business. So, we have combined the two.” 

She continues: “The move into ACMI means that there is room for us to develop as a company, to expand and do something new. Following the COVID pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for these operations so we knew it was the right time for us to go into this market. And it is going well.” 

ACMI lease services are vital for airlines and tour operators who face challenges with flight schedules, expansion plans, and the supply of back-up aircraft. With an established track record in taking on challenges and projects for existing individual and corporate clients, KlasJet knows how to deliver services of the highest standard at short notice and in varying circumstances.  

Sandra Diaso, Head of Human Resources at KlasJet

KlasJet: a bit of background 

Looking at the stats, KlasJet operates around 1,200 charter flights annually with a wide variety of passengers including high-net worth individuals, royal families, professional sports teams, diplomats, government officials, leading business teams, and various others. It is part of Avia Solutions Group, one of the largest aviation and aerospace servicing companies in the world. The parent group has 100 offices globally.  

KlasJet prides itself on its quality training, of both pilots and crew, and is also dedicated in its attention to safety, security and the well-being of its customers and staff. It welcomes enquiries from pilots wanting to learn more about its commitments and training.  

Diaso says: “We offer a great space for pilots who want to grow in their careers. People can develop with us, and we have a number of open positions and possibilities for them to do that. Within our company, there is room for people to share their ideas and perhaps implement them too in areas such as how to improve our processes, what is working, what is not, and so on. Any kind of insight is really valuable for us. We really are listening and trying to develop. We have a great atmosphere at KlasJet, it’s a very good place to be. And we are open for recruitment.” 

Diaso believes that KlasJet is attractive to pilots because of the working conditions offered by the firm. For example, the pilot’s home base is up to them provided it’s in the EU, the company ensures that a work-life balance is a key component of any contract, and it is keen to implement fast development paths for its staff. Furthermore, various insurances are offered, including travel insurance and a Loss of License policy.  

Depending on the global demand for VIP and ACMI services, there is an opportunity for KlasJet pilots to develop from an ACMI pilot to a VIP pilot and vice versa. 

Meanwhile, Diaso is mindful of the worldwide shortage of qualified pilots but says that KlasJet is on course to achieve its business goals. 

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