Plane avoids traffic as it crashes onto busy street and bursts into flames: video 

Jabiru J430 crash Lagos Nigeria
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A pilot and passenger were hospitalized after a dramatic crash on a street in Lagos, Nigeria, saw the plane burst into flames on impact. 

The incident happened on August 1, 2023, in the Ikeja area of Lagos at around 3pm local time when the vicinity was busy with traffic.  

Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) confirmed that the light aircraft was on a test flight and is operated by Air First Hospitality & Tours. 

The aircraft is understood to be a Jabiru J430 with registration number 5N-CCQ. 

“The aircraft caught fire on impact, but the spread was contained by the rainfall at the time of impact. The two souls on board were taken to the hospital,” Tunji Oketunbi, a spokesperson for the NSIB, said.  

In a video of the incident shared widely online the aircraft can be seen hitting the road and then spinning out of control.  

As the Jabiru rolls at speed down the Nigerian road it bursts into flames and appears to somehow narrowly miss hitting a number of vehicles in the area.  

The incident was initially misreported as a helicopter crash with four people on board, but this has since been corrected.    

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