Plane’s parachute saves six on board, including baby, after engine fails: video

Cirrus SR 22 parachute deployed
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Six people were saved, including a child and a new-born baby, by the plane’s inbuilt emergency parachute system in Brazil.  

The Cirrus SR 22 light propeller plane deployed the parachute after the aircraft’s engine reportedly failed.  

The incident occurred on March 11, 2023, after the plane took off from Belo Horizonte Airport (CNF) in the state of Minas Gerais at around 11.30am. 

Shortly after take-off the pilot reported difficulties with the plane over Sabará, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. 

According to website Aeroin, power to the aircraft dropped from 80% to 30% and the pilot was unable to fix the problem while in flight.  

The pilot decided that he was unable to reach an airport and activated the emergency parachute onboard the Cirrus. 

Video footage shared by the Minas Gerais Military Fire Department on Facebook shows the parachute deployed and the plane falling to the ground with a slight bump. 

The fire department confirmed there were four adults, a three-year-old child and a new-born baby just three days old onboard the plane. 

“The entire crew was conscious, oriented and without apparent injuries,” the fire department advised.  

The American built Cirrus plane is famous for its Airframe Parachute System enabling many aircraft to land safely when in trouble.  

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