Pobeda Boeing 737 collides with a snowbank during takeoff in Russia: video

Pobeda Airlines Boeing 737
Abdifat75097284 / Twitter

Footage has emerged showing the moment passengers were evacuated from a Boeing 737 jet belonging to Pobeda Airlines, an ultra-low-cost subsidiary of Aeroflot, after the aircraft skidded off the runway and collided with a snowbank while attempting to take off from Perm, Russia.

The incident occurred on January 8, 2023, when the Pobeda Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft, registered VQ-BTD, was operating domestic flight DP 6512 from Perm to Moscow. According to Interfax, the plane, which was carrying 183 passengers onboard, was scheduled to depart from Perm International Airport (PEE) at around 5.20 a.m. (GTM+3) and arrive at Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) after two hours and 25 minutes of flight.

However, after reaching a ground speed of 30 knots while accelerating for takeoff, the aircraft suddenly veered to the side and skidded off runway 21. In a statement shared on its Telegram channel, the Ural Transport Prosecutor’s Office wrote that the jet rolled out with its front landing gear off the runway onto the adjacent airfield.

The incident was captured on video by a witness. The footage shows the 737’s front wheel and right engine stuck in a snowbank near the runway, and passengers being evacuated from the plane via emergency slides deployed from the front door.

“None of the 183 passengers or crew members were injured, and the aircraft itself was also not damaged,” Pobeda Airlines confirmed in a written statement to Interfax.

Once passenger evacuation was completed, PEE airport was reportedly closed for several hours.

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