Police segway at Dulles Airport bursts into flames, prompting evacuation

wjantholis / myteks Twitter accounts

Passengers at Dulles International Airport (IAD) were evacuated after a motorized police segway belonging to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority burst into flames inside the terminal.

The incident began at approximately 19:30 local time near the Egyptair ticket counters. 

Photos of evacuated passengers waiting outside the airport have been uploaded to X (formerly known as Twitter).

Based on replies to the post, passengers were not informed what the situation was and why they had to be evacuated.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Fire and Rescue Department came to the airport and were able to contain the fire and smoke in the terminal. 

Smoke ventilation and firefighting was completed at around 21:00 local time. Passengers were allowed back inside the airport and operations resumed.

Two Airports Authority police officers suffered minor injuries and were transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

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