Eco-protestors deface Phenom private jet in a cocktail of paint: video

Ibiza Airport private jet

Activists from two eco-protest groups have reportedly been arrested after they defaced a private jet in a cocktail of black and yellow paint at Ibiza Airport (IBZ).  

The protesters from Extinction Rebellion Ibiza and Future Vegetal (Vegetable Future) also glued their hands to the jet resulting in Ibiza Airport reportedly being closed for several hours.  

Video and photos of the incident were shared on the protest groups’ social media channels on July 14, 2023, which is when it is understood that activists entered the airport.  

In the footage posted by Future Vegetal the activists can be seen standing on the wing of an Embraer Phenom with flares. 

“Your luxury = our climate crisis,” a banner held by one of the protesters read.  

In a tweet following the protest Future Vegetal wrote that “3 activists of Futuro Vegetal and 1 of @XRIbiza are already free” after being detained by police. 

“They have been detained by the Civil Guard for 9 hours. We will continue to act until action is taken,” Future Vegetal wrote. 

On July 16, 2023, protestors from the same group covered a superyacht in paint that reportedly belongs to Nancy Walton.  

Walton is as an heir to the Walmart cooperation in the United States.  

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