Robin Aircraft ceases operations, enters liquidation

Robin DR 400 aircraft
Anthony Levrot / Creative Commons

The Dijon Commercial Court ordered the liquidation of the French light aircraft manufacturer, Robin Aircraft.

The court rejected all three offers of resumption, citing insufficiency or incompatibility, leaving the future of the aircraft manufacturer in uncertainty.

“The harshness of times and the human limits of the crew force us to put one knee on the ground,” said Casimir Pellissier, President of Robin Aircraft. “But they don’t force us to give up.”

CEAPR (Centre-Est Aéronautique Pierre Robin), the parent company based in Dijon, said it would continue to support the customers.

Founded in 1957, Robin Aircraft has delivered a range of light single-engine aircraft that cater to various segments of the aviation market, such as training, aerobatics and leisure.

The manufacturer was compelled to downsize its workforce in early 2023 due to a decline in order volumes. In response to these challenges, it was placed under the Dijon Commercial Court’s protection in March 2023.

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