Russia accuses Ukraine of multiple drone attacks in Moscow

Ukraine Weapons Tracker / Twitter

Russia has accused Ukraine of multiple drone attacks in Moscow, describing the assault as an “act of terrorism”. 

The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) attacks began early in the morning on May 30, 2023, with at least eight drones causing minor damage, according to the BBC.  

Ukraine denied that it was responsible for the drone attack on Moscow but had enjoyed watching the situation unfold.  

It was reported that a number of drones fell on areas in Moscow where senior officials lived.  

Unconfirmed footage shared on social media showed drones in the air with some appearing to have been shot down.  

Rob Lee from the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) said the “Shot telegram channel claimed that, according to preliminary information, more than 30 UAVs were used”. 

Lee also added that the Russian Pantsir-s1 air defense system was reportedly used to engage with the drones.  

Pieces of debris that appeared to be the remains of destroyed UAVs were also pictured on what looked like residential roads.  

The attack follows three nights in which the capital of Ukraine has been heavily targeted by drones and missiles.  

In the latest overnight attack on Kyiv one person was killed and officials said 20 drones had been destroyed. 

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