Russian airline S7 suffers multiple engine failures in three-day spell: reports 

Airbus A320 S7 Airlines /

The Russian carrier S7 Airlines has reportedly experienced multiple engine failures over the course of three days resulting in several takeoffs being aborted.  

It is claimed the S7 Airlines aircraft affected include both Airbus and Boeing-made planes resulting in hundreds of passengers facing travel disruptions.  

In the most recent incident, a Boeing 737-800 was due to depart Ulan-Ude Airport (UUD) for Moscow on January 30, 2024. 

However, the flight was aborted during its takeoff run after the pilot reported surge in the left engine.  

Subsequently, the Boeing 737 returned to the terminal where passengers were deplaned and booked on a flight later that day.  

According to Tourdom, the West Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office said that the aircraft had been temporarily suspended from service.  

“There are more than 170 passengers at the airport, they will be sent to Moscow on a reserve plane. While waiting for departure, the prosecutor’s office monitors the air carrier’s compliance with the rights of passengers,” the West Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office stated. 

In addition, the aviation Telegram channel @aviatorshina claimed that on January 29, 2024, an S7 Airbus A320 had an issue with its right engine.  

According to the Telegram channel, while the A320 was coming into land at Moscow Domodedovo Airport (DME), the flight crew indicated the right engine had failed. However, despite the engine issue the plane landed safely.  

Then, on January 27, 2024, in separate incidents, two Boeing 737-800s experienced engine malfunctions.  

According to @aviatorshina a Boeing 737, registered RA-73665, was due to fly from UUD to DME but after the takeoff roll was initiated the flight was aborted due to surge in the left and right engine.  

The channel also reported that RA-73665 previously suffered from surging in both engines on December 8, 2023.  

Finally on January 27. 2024, an S7 Airlines Boeing 737 reportedly aborted its takeoff to Antalya in Turkey from DME after problems with one of its engines.  

It is widely thought that Russian airlines are seeing a rise in issues with western built aircraft, particularly engines, due to international sanctions preventing the carriers from acquiring spare parts.  

Sanctions were put in place against Russia by multiple countries after the country invaded Ukraine in February 2022. 

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