Saab to enhance Gripen C/D capabilities for Sweden


Swedish aerospace and defense company Saab has been awarded an additional contract from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) to bolster the operational capabilities of the Gripen C/D fighter aircraft. 

Worth SEK 579 million ($52 million), this contract is set to “ensure the continued relevance and effectiveness” of the Gripen C/D fleet in Sweden’s defense strategy. 

“The upgrade of Gripen C/D is an important step in maintaining a high level of operational capability in the turbulent world we live in,” commented Lars Tossman, Head of Saab’s Aeronautics business area. “It is also important in order for Gripen C/D to operate beyond 2030. 

Saab did not provide details regarding the new development but stated that the contract entails “designing new development and simulation environments” for the Gripen C/D fighter. The contract also includes supplementary orders for equipment and hardware. 

Furthermore, Saab will work on designing new support systems to facilitate the harmonization of the older Gripen C/D with the newer Gripen E, streamlining operations for the Swedish Air Force. 

Alongside the Gripen C/D, the Swedish Air Force is expected to receive 60 JAS 39 E/F jets, the latest variant of the fighter, by 2027.  

The JAS 39 Gripen is a single-engine multirole fighter jet manufactured by Sweden’s Saab. Developed in the 1980s, it was designed to operate from austere areas with as little infrastructure as possible. 

The development of the Gripen E fighter jet started in 2011 and, compared to the older C model, features a new, more powerful General Electric RM16 engine, a new radar system, avionics, and weapon systems. 

In addition to Sweden, Brazil also signed an agreement with Saab in 2014 for the development and production of 36 Gripen E/F aircraft for the FAB. 

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