Scientist develops software to avoid unforeseen turbulence using photon lights

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A Turkish scientist says she has developed new software that will help pilots to avoid turbulence and plan a new route through the skies.  

Although commercial airlines already have systems such as weather radar in place to predict turbulence during a flight, scientist Cigdem Ilgun claims it is “not enough “. 

“Currently, existing systems try to detect turbulence with radar and pilot experience […]. Open-air turbulence is a situation that can develop instantaneously and radar detection is very difficult,” Ilgun told Hurriyet Daily News

Ilgun, who is a lecturer at Baheesehir University’s Department of Physics, has been working on the project for five years and believes the software, known as CAFA CHIP, could make turbulence a problem of the past.  

According to the scientist the CAFA CHIP “detects and warns about turbulence through photon lights by calculating all weather events before entering the turbulence”.   

The system then determines an alternative route for the airline crew and plots a different course.  

The technology is only available currently for passenger planes, but the system could be used for cargo aircraft and even fighter jets in the future. 

“We aim for Türkiye to be a key country and a center of attraction for the development of this technology,” Ilgun added. 

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