Sensus Aero: effective time tracking improves efficiency for MRO Organisations

With the aviation industry constantly searching for ways to optimise processes and increase efficiency, effective time management is key to ensuring smooth and sustainable operations, especially in the field of MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations). Laimonas Antanaitis, Product Director at Sensus Aero, a new-gen software solution for the aviation industry, believes that improved time management can have a massive positive effect on organisation efficiency and bottom line, and shares two main benefits of time tracking.

Real-time labour tracking

The first major benefit of time management is improved future estimations through real-time labour tracking. Using historical data leads to better planning and cost estimations, which in MRO is crucial to ensure that the maintenance work is completed within budget.

By tracking time spent on each task, companies can more accurately estimate labour and material costs, as well as other expenses associated with maintenance activities. This helps them make informed decisions about allocating resources and budgeting for future maintenance work.

Resource effectivity and utilisation

The second benefit of time tracking is the ability of companies to better understand how their resources are being utilised. For example, if a task is taking longer than expected, it may indicate that additional resources are necessary, or that the current process needs to be optimised or modified to be more efficient.

By tracking time, organisations can make changes in real-time, ensuring that they are using their workforce and other resources efficiently, and improve work productivity, which can affect the profitability of the MRO organisation.

Simplifying time tracking through software

While time tracking has undeniable advantages, it might become a difficult and time-consuming task. To optimise data collection and time tracking management MRO companies turn to software solutions, such as Sensus Aero.

This tool works like a sandglass: it does not allow time to stop once the sand starts to flow ensuring task cards are managed effectively. Sensus Aero labour tracking tool lets only to change the type of time spent, but not stop it completely before ending the day. Using it allows businesses to better manage labour tracking KPIs, such as how much effective (spent on working cards) and non-effective (break, waiting for tools) time was spent per employee, bay, hangar, or organisation.

By turning to software solutions companies can better understand their process gaps, improve employee/department efficiency, and optimise costs.

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