Sensus Aero: simplifying MRO organizations’ contracting and billing

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Clear and concise communication every step of the way is of crucial importance for any MRO business and its customers. And while some aspects of communication are easy to handle, others pose more of a challenge, even to the most experienced industry players. According to Sensus Aero – a new-gen software solution for the aviation industry – contracting can be one of the most challenging parts of business-customer communication.

Aviation is an extremely precise and safety-focused industry, and the MRO sector is just as detail-oriented, if not more so. “Contracts between MRO services providers and their customers have various conditions, exceptional rules and specifical agreements. It can become truly difficult to apply all these rules and conditions in real life,” Sensus Aero explains. “When working on billing contracts such as these, the main issues are difficult-to-contract management tools and systems that lack flexibility and customization and are complicated to work with. That’s why we put a lot of effort into making sure that the Sensus MRO contract tool is easy to use and offers a lot of flexibility for MRO providers.”

According to the Product Director at Sensus Aero, the tool allows clients to customize their contracts easily by applying rules for various aspects of MRO business. “Sensus MRO software’s billing rules module provides the flexibility to apply contract conditions to their customers. It allows organizations to bill labor per specific skill, work card, task, or routine; bill parts and materials for specific price lists or discounts, the ability to apply landing costs and various types of MARKUPS or CAP’s, to bill work cards or tasks for fixed prices. The tool also enables the administration of tasks or work cards to specific groups which could be managed by the different rules, as well as to bill services and charges related with the maintenance costs that come from third party providers.”

The tool allows not only for the customization of billing rules and conditions but also the simplification of invoice preparation. “All the information gathered by the Sensus MRO software can be prepared for Invoices or intermediate invoices which can be sent directly to customers or specific accounting systems. It also allows users to get the latest billing information in seconds in a fast-changing maintenance environment,” the Product Director adds.

Simplifying and optimizing MRO processes and operations can have a huge impact on overall business success. As such, allowing Sensus MRO software to improve billing and invoicing can be beneficial to both MRO organizations and their customers.

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