Shield AI successfully demonstrates autonomous drone teaming using AI pilot

Shield AI

Shield AI successfully completed a demonstration showcasing the coordination and teamwork of three V-BAT Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) using its Hivemind AI pilot.  

The demonstration marks the completion of an autonomy initiative under the Strategic Funding Increase (STRATFI) program of AFWERX, through which the US Air Force Research Laboratory funds innovations for future applications. 

The three UAS displayed their capabilities in a simulated wildfire monitoring and surveillance scenario, conducting multiple Detect, Identify, Locate, and Report (DILR) missions.   

“Intelligent, affordable mass that can see everything on the battlefield, execute the mission even when GPS and comms are denied or degraded, and put all our adversaries’ military assets at risk at all times is the holy grail of deterrence,” said Brandon Tseng, Shield AI’s president and co-founder. “This milestone brings us closer to achieving that reality.” 

Shield AI previously developed an AI solution for searching and clearing buildings from threats. The Nova, a small unmanned aircraft system developed by the company, became the first AI-powered drone to be utilized for defense applications in the history of the US military. 

On August 28, 2023, the US Department of Defense introduced a new initiative known as “Replicator,” an initiative to counter China’s military mass by deploying thousands of attritable drones in multiple military domains within the next 18-to-24 months. This program will leverage commercial, non-traditional, and traditional defense companies. 

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