Southwest passenger charged for attempting to kiss and grab flight attendants

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A Southwest Airlines passenger has been charged by the US federal government of assault after attempting to forcibly kiss a flight attendant and also grabbing her colleague.

According to the complaint filed in the US District Court for the District of Nevada, passenger William Morgan was flying from Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) to Las Vegas Airport (LAS) on October 3, 2022.

About twenty minutes prior to the flight landing, Morgan approached a flight attendant, identified only as “C.B.” in the court documents.

C.B. was in a jump seat at the rear side of the aircraft. The charges said that when Morgan approached C.B., he ‘demanded’ that the flight attendant give him a kiss.

This prompted C.B. to get up from the jump seat, after which Morgan placed his arms around her shoulders, and once more told her to kiss him. 

Based on the charges, Morgan told C.B. to get inside the lavatory with him, and that he was going to have a panic attack if she did not accompany him. 

C.B. then tried to push Morgan away and sought help from her colleague, identified as “K.L.” in the documents.

K.L. said that when she heard C.B.’s cries for help, she ran towards the back of the aircraft and saw Morgan with his hands on C.B.’s shoulders. 

K.L. then tried to defuse the situation by putting her hand on Morgan’s shoulder. With this, Morgan released C.B. and placed his hands on K.L.’s shoulders, telling her that he needed to kiss C.B. so that he could calm down.

Morgan then proceeded to grab C.B.’s face and attempted to forcibly kiss her. 

Three male passengers saw the commotion and were able to physically restrain Morgan as the aircraft landed. 

The complaint stated that due to the commotion, C.B. and K.L were unable to do their final check duties before landing.

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