SWISS crew filmed dancing on aircraft wing may face disciplinary action 

Swiss International Airlines has publicly disavowed three crew members that were filmed while dancing on the wing of a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. 

The video, which went viral after having been shared by several media outlets, was apparently filmed on August 16, 2023, when the Swiss aircraft was at Buenos Aires Ezeiza international airport (EZE). 

In the footage, three members crew members, two males and one female, can be seen practicing some dance moves and striking different poses for a camera that appears to be inside the cabin. 

This conduct was slammed by Swiss International Airlines’ spokesperson, Michael Pelzer, who deemed the crew’s actions unprofessional and a breach of safety protocols, since staff are only allowed on wings in cases of emergency, Swiss media reports. 

The airline’s cabin crew Martin Knuchel, also expressed his outrage and made clear that there will be an investigation and these actions won’t be without consequences. 

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