Two pilots killed and four injured after T-28 Trojan crashes at air show: video

Air show crash Hungary
Mátyás Tóth / X (formally known as Twitter)

Two people on board a North American Aviation T-28 Trojan have been killed after the aircraft crashed at an air show in Hungary.  

In footage filmed at the air show on September 10, 2023, the T-28 Trojan is seen flying before it appears to lose altitude and plummets to the ground. 

A large explosion can then be seen followed by a fire ball and thick black smoke rising into the air. 

Local police confirmed that a 67-year-old and 37-year-old both died at the Börgönd air show in Fejér county near Budapest in Hungary.   

According to the Associated Press, three people in a car close to where the crash occurred suffered serious burns and were rushed to hospital. It has also been reported that a young boy on the ground was also injured.  

“The small aircraft crashed near a parked car and caught fire […] The crowd of several thousand people at the site began to leave the site in an organized manner,” police said.  

In a post on Facebook the mayor of nearby Szekesfehervar, Dr. Cser-Palkovics András, referred to the two deceased persons as both male pilots. 

“Today in Börgönd – the day loved by thousands of planes and sky knights every year – turned into a tragedy. We lost two pilots, and four guests were injured on the flight day. As a supporter of the event, it is hard to express the pain that happened today for our municipality, our whole city and for me personally. Our prayers and thoughts are with the pilots’ loved ones and injured,” Dr. Cser-Palkovics András wrote on Facebook.  

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