Ukrainian drone evades Russian attack helicopter chase: video

Defense Intelligence of Ukraine

A Russian aircraft plus two attack helicopters found themselves outwitted by a Ukrainian drone.

The incident, captured on video and released by the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine (GUR), shows the Ukrainian UAV being shot at by a Mi-28 attack helicopter near Cape Tarkhankut.

According to the GUR, two Russian combat helicopters and an aircraft participated in the chase. The exact model of the drone was not specified, though it appears to have been a fixed-wing aircraft powered by a propeller.

Recently, Ukraine has begun an intense campaign of drone strikes targeting Russian territory. Early on August 30, 2023, a drone attack struck an airport in the north-western Russian city of Pskov, near the Estonian border, and damaged four Ilyushin 76 transport aircraft. Ukraine has not officially claimed responsibility for attacks carried out within Russian territory.

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