United aims to warm hearts with ‘romantic’ gestures this holiday season


The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful. 

According to mental health experts at Australia’s Better Health Channel, the combination of financial stress, bickering families and unrealistic expectations contribute to a hectic period over the holidays. 

On top of that, Christmas is also the busiest travel period whether by plane, train or automobile. 

United Airlines aims to take away the holiday travel blues via feel-good movies and gestures.

On November 7, 2023, the Chicago-based carrier released a short romantic comedy film, ‘Love in Plane Sight’. 

Created by the airline’s in-house team, the five-minute film is about two passengers flying home for the holidays. They have an awkward first encounter at the airport and eventually find out that not only are they on the same flight, but they are, in fact, seated next to each other in United’s Polaris business class.

With a tagline of ‘Do you believe in love at first flight?’, the film is as cheesy and as corny as you can imagine. 

The short film is streaming on selected United flights and can also be watched on YouTube and United’s website.

If the film doesn’t manage to tug at passengers’ heartstrings, United pulled another romantic move, this time in the style of ‘Love Actually’, a 2003 romantic comedy film that has become a Christmas classic. 

On December 19, 2023, United published a short video of one of its airport runway employees holding up several cards with messages. The worker stands on the runway while flashing passengers with messages, similar to a famous scene in ‘Love Actually’.

The message reads: “You, yes–you actually. With any luck next year, you’ll be landing somewhere sunny. But for now, let us just say, to United, you are perfect. And we will fly you around the globe until your passport is full. Happy holidays from United.” 

The reel can be viewed here.

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