UrbanX Air and Eve Air Mobility to bring all-electric air taxi flights to Miami 

Eve Air Mobility

UrbanX Air, part of the Florida-based Global Crossing Airlines Group, has announced plans to collaborate with Eve Air Mobility to bring Urban Air Mobility (UAM) to Miami.  

The plans call for the launching of all-electric air taxi commuter flights throughout the South Florida area beginning in 2026 subject to receiving all US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) approvals. 

Both UrbanX Air and Eve are reportedly already collaborating closely with local and state officials to sign strategies for infrastructure, energy, and technology to establish the necessary framework for launching electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft flights.  

The flights will “assist commuters to navigate short distances, avoid traffic congestion, and improve travel times while providing a safer, faster, and more sustainable mode of transportation,” according to the companies. 

In 2022, GlobalX signed a letter of intent to purchase 200 eVTOL aircraft from Eve, one of the current batch of companies pioneering the delivery of global eVTOL development.  

With the delivery of its first 10 eVTOLs due in 2026, UrbanX is poised to be the first to bring the innovative aircraft technology to South Florida, revolutionizing urban transportation in the region. 

Eve Air Mobility

“Urban Air Mobility has the capacity to transform the way people move throughout the Miami metropolitan area,” said Lucy Morillo, President & CEO of UrbanX. “We are proud to lead the way to bring this technology to the region and ensure it benefits our entire community.”  

“The introduction of these eVTOLs marks a significant milestone in achieving our vision to bring all-electric and noise-reduced air travel to life for South Florida residents and tourists alike,” added Ed Wegel, Chairman and CEO of GlobalX. “Adding eVTOLs to our growing fleet provides us the ability to offer clients international, domestic, regional, and intra-city travel options.” 

With an initial route network proposed to cover critical areas in South Florida, UrbanX aims to provide residents with a quick, economical, and lower-carbon means of commuting in dense urban environments, such as Miami-Dade County. UrbanX and Eve are collaborating to identify origin and destination locations to establish key routes throughout the region. The eVTOL aircraft, with its 100 percent electric design and a range of 60 miles, is described as “being well-equipped to complete a variety of UAM flights throughout the Miami area, ensuring efficient and sustainable transportation options.” 

“We are looking forward to collaborating with the team at UrbanX to bring eVTOL operations to Miami-Dade County,” said Johann Bordais, CEO of Eve Air Mobility. “By leveraging the latest aviation technology and providing an exceptional customer experience, UrbanX will be well positioned to change the way people commute and travel in South Florida.” 

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