Video captures the moment a Jetstar passenger is tasered by Australian police

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A male Jetstar passenger from Melbourne was tasered and eventually arrested by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for allegedly assaulting an AFP officer and acting disorderly on a domestic flight.

Bolic Bet Malou, 30, was traveling from Perth Airport (PER) to Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport (MEL) on flight JQ977 on March 18, 2023. Malou asked a fellow passenger to switch seats because he wanted to be seated next to his wife and one-year old child.

While the passenger agreed, the drama started when a Jetstar flight attendant requested that Malou return to his original seat. 

When Malou allegedly refused, police officers were called to intervene.

Video footage taken by a fellow passenger showed what transpired when AFP officers came onboard.

“What have I done?” Malou can be heard repeatedly asking. 

“You’re not taking directions and you’re not cooperating,” the Jetstar flight attendant replied.

“When the police come, I will go,” Malou said.

The next clip shows AFP officers onboard, ordering Malou to leave the aircraft.

“You’ve failed to comply with aircraft instructions. I need you to come with me now,” a police officer can be heard saying.

When Malou still refused to move, the police officer said: “You either come with us or we’ll grab you.”

Four police officers then tried to get Malou to leave the aircraft, unbuckling his seatbelt and pulling him with them.

After some more scuffling and resistance, the police officers deployed tasers on Malou, who can be seen writhing and screaming in pain, falling over near the passenger who was taking the video.

The Australian Federal Police posted a video of Malou being escorted into a police car, and also releasing a statement confirming the incident. 

“AFP officers at Perth Airport responded to an airline’s call for assistance on Saturday night after a passenger allegedly acted aggressively and refused to comply with the direction of airline staff,” the AFP said. 

“The man allegedly refused to follow further requests from officers to disembark the plane. It will also be alleged that he became more aggressive and proceeded to physically assault an AFP officer attempting to arrest him.Police were required to deploy a Taser in order to restrain and arrest the man. Three AFP officers sustained minor injuries that were later treated,” the AFP further said. 

According to the AFP, Malou faces the following charges:

Assaulting a police officer, contrary to section 318(1)d of the Criminal Code Act Compilation Act 1913 (Western Australia)

Obstructing a public officer, contrary to section 172(2) of the Criminal Code Act Compilation Act 1913 (Western Australia)

Disorderly behavior in a public place, contrary to section 74A(2)(a) of the Criminal Code Act Compilation Act 1913 (Western Australia).

The maximum penalty for these offenses is seven years’ imprisonment.

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