Video shows armed drone crashing into powerlines in Russia

Forpost UAV in flight
Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

A Russian drone carrying a guided bomb, crashed into powerlines in Russia, approximately 40 kilometers from the border of Ukraine.  

The incident took place on the evening of January 11, according to Russian media, near the settlement of Severny, Belogorod region.  

While the event was widely covered by Russian media, the country’s officials have yet to comment.  

The crash was captured by dashcam video, and numerous photos from the crash site have also been posted on Russian social media.  

The images appear to show fragments of Forpost, a reconnaissance drone widely used by Russian armed forces.  

The Forpost is a copy of the Israeli-designed IAI Searcher, licensed in 2010 and manufactured at Kazan Helicopter Factory and Ural Civil Aviation Factory.  

At least one KAB-20S laser-guided bomb can be seen among the fragments. Russian military have published footage of Forpost drones armed with these bombs since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.   

According to local media reports, the crash resulted in interruptions to the electricity supply to a part of Belgorod city. The electricity was restored later that same night, the reports claimed.   

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