VietJet Air says Vietnam’s first Boeing 737 MAXs will arrive in 2024

VietJet disclosed that its and Vietnam's first Boeing 737 MAXs will arrive in 2024
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VietJet Air, a Vietnam-based low-cost carrier, said that the airline’s (and country’s) first Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will start arriving in 2024.

According to an announcement from the airline, it was able to finalize a new delivery schedule with Boeing for its 200 737 MAX order, with the first 12 aircraft of the type arriving next year.

“Vietjet and Boeing have included additional terms in the contract of 200 Boeing 737 Max aircraft, with a total value of US$25 billion, and their delivery is scheduled during the next five years,” the announcement read.

VietJet also said that the two companies will “cooperate in the new technology adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), aviation technology, green fuels, and reducing emissions according to sustainable aviation criteria”.

“Boeing will also promote Vietnam’s participation in its global supply chain for aircraft production and aviation equipment,” the low-cost carrier added.

The updated delivery schedule was announced during a visit by United States (US) President Joe Biden to the country, with the airline pointing out that when then-US President Barack Obama visited Vietnam in 2016, VietJet ordered 100 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. In 2018, the airline ordered an additional 100 units, with this order being finalized when then-US President Donald Trump visited Vietnam in February 2019.

Initially, the airline planned to take delivery of the ordered 100 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft between 2019 and 2023. However, the 737 MAX was grounded following a second fatal crash in Ethiopia in March 2019, which put a stop to those plans.

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) ungrounded the type in December 2021.

According to data, out of the 200 Boeing 737 MAX, 150 will go to VietJet Air, while the remaining 50 will be delivered to the carrier’s Thailand-based subsidiary, Thai VietJet Air.

When Boeing delivers the first 737 MAX to VietJet Air, it will become the first-ever aircraft of the type to be registered in Vietnam.

However, Vietnam Airlines also ordered 50 Boeing 737 MAXs during President Biden’s visit on September 10, 2023. Neither the airline nor the manufacturer disclosed the delivery schedule for those aircraft.

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