VoltAero to build factory for hybrid-electric aircraft in France 


French startup VoltAero is moving ahead with the construction of a factory for the purpose of building hybrid-electric aircraft in Western France. 

A bidding process has started for companies that wish to take part in the construction work, which will see three assembly lines being built at Rochefort-Charente-Maritime airport (RCO) for VoltAero’s Cassio family of hybrid-electric aircraft. 

The Cassio family will comprise three variations of the same aircraft concept of varying size and power, all with hybrid-electric propulsion. 

The smallest will be the 330 kilowatt five-seat Cassio 330. There will also be a six-seat Cassio 480, whose name designates the 480 kilowatts of power of its powertrain, and the largest of the family will be the 12-seat 600 kilowatt Cassio 600. 

For the time being, VoltAero is fly testing a demonstrator called Cassio 1. 

The €4.4 million project, partly funded through a French government support scheme, is expected to cover a total industrial surface of 7,400 square meters, with 2,412 square meters dedicated to facilities. The factory will have direct access to the existing airport runway.  

The plan is for VoltAero to begin industrial activity at the site as soon as June 2024, with the plant expected to employ 150 people when in full production.  

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