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Flight Safety Foundation Safety Forum

The 11th Safety Forum, organised by the Flight Safety Foundation, in partnership with EUROCONTROL and the European Regions Airline Association is scheduled to take place on 19–20 June 2024, at our headquarters in Brussels.

This edition of the Forum will explore what the aviation industry needs to do next in order to strengthen its weather resilience. More specifically, it will focus on weather resilience management and provide insights and strategies into how we can enhance safety measures and reduce the likelihood of weather-related incidents and accidents. Reacting to weather-related safety risks can result in flight delays, traffic disruptions, diversions and cancelations, causing inconvenience to passengers and substantial financial losses to airlines.

The Forum will also look at how weather forecasting and cutting-edge technologies can be integrated into aviation operations to mitigate traffic disruptions and delays and improve the overall passenger experience.

June 19, 2024 - June 20, 2024
Brussels, Belgium
Commercial Aviation