Lufthansa Group, FL Technics sign MRO contract for 28 A320s
Norwegian signs engine services contract with Lufthansa Technik
AJW Group sings with TAP Maintenance & Engineering

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Luxair, FL Technics sign Boeing 737NG MRO contract
Bombardier to update Learjet 75 and Learjet 70 avionics
Safran increases year forecast following good result in H1 2018
Lack of means to service engines could take toll on aviation
Embraer, LOT Polish Airlines sign support agreement for 34 E-jets

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FL Technics Indonesia earns FAA Part-145 certification
IATA maintains complaint against Honeywell
FL Technics lands Comair Limited as a new client
IATA withdraws complaint against CFM International
Which is the most popular used aircraft seat?
AFI KLM E&M receives LEAP maintenance approval by FAA
Airbus, Thai Airways to set up joint venture MRO
Etihad passes IATA safety audit

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Qatar Airways encourages former pilots to apply for return

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FAA, American Airlines confirm report of Airbus encounter with UFO

Both the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and American Airlines confirmed the Airbus pilot’s report of an...

FAA warns of decompression risk in Boeing 737 NG and MAX

FAA will require corrective action after receiving reports of cracks on the forward entry door of the Boeing 737 NG and...

Boeing potentially faces billions of extra costs to fix 787 Dreamliner issues

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Rolls Royce appeases investors on Trent 1000 problem
Rolls Royce finds compressor issue in more Trent 1000 engines
Despite Airbus demand, Safran will not increase LEAP output to offer shipping options
Boeing executive to supervise Rolls Royce engines fix
Ukraine to revive aircraft manufacturing industry by 2022
Boeing signs distribution agreement for GE helicopter engines
BGS to provide services for Turkish Airlines’ A330 Cargo
Helisota and ASA sign cooperation agreement
Safety concerns revealed at Allegiant Air
Ameco and Lufthansa Technik sign collaborating agreement
Rolls Royce to undergo advanced Trent 1000 inspections
Flynas inks $6.3B deal with CFM International for LEAP-1A engines
WOW air choses Safran Nacelles for A320neo engine support
Boeing reaches MRO agreement with Singapore Airlines and Scoot