Top 10 Most Punctual Airlines of 2018

We have all been there. We plan our journeys to the second and hope nothing gets delayed. But when we arrive at the airport, we can see the dreadful sight on the departure board – your flight has been delayed. And just like that, your travel plans fall apart. Not the best feeling in the world, is it? London Gatwick Deparute Board London Gatwick Departure Board However, we have a solution for you! But before we provide you with the answers, we would like to clarify one thing. Punctuality is measured by On-Time Performance (or OTP for short.). OTP is when the flight either arrives or departs within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. So, if a flight is delayed by 20 minutes, that flight’s OTP is negative. To illustrate, if an airline operates 2 flights per week and one of them is delayed by 20 minutes and the other one arrives on time, the airline’s OTP is 50%. So with that cleared up, we can move on! When you plan your holidays for 2019, try to fly with these airlines because they were the most punctual airlines in 2018:

10. KLM – 84.52% OTP (Last year: 30)

The first entry into the most punctual airline list is KLM. Last year KLM did not even make it to the top 10 – the airline was ranked 30th. But 2018 was a much better year for KLM, as they managed to improve significantly. The Dutch airline had a pretty successful year all around. With 10 new aircraft added to its fleet, an increased number of passengers and was the leading airline in using biofuel for over 350 flights. Congratulations, KLM!

9. Qatar Airways – 85.17% OTP (Last year: 15 )

The Qatari airline has seen an increase in its OTP compared to the last year. Although not as drastic as KLM’s jump, it was enough to secure them the 9th place on the ranking board. Another significant achievement for the airline was that it was the launch customer of the new Airbus A350-1000. Qatar Airways as a brand also made moves. Specifically, it signed sponsorship deals with Bayern Munich, AS Roma, Boca Juniors and Brooklyn Nets. It also sponsored the Fifa World Cup in Russia.

8. Azul Brazilian Airlines – 85.21% OTP (Last year: 12 )

Fairly young as an airline, Azul began services in 2008. In 11 years it has managed to grow significantly. It also managed to sustain its image as a punctual airline, because it has consistently had a great OTP. The third largest carrier in Brazil is on a great trend – definitely a reliable choice when planning your next trip.

7. LATAM Airlines Group – 85.60% OTP (Last year: 36 )

If you thought KLM’s jump was big – wait till you see LATAM’s! The airline jumped 29 places and became the 7th most punctual airline in the world. But, honestly speaking you cannot call it an airline, because it has 9 subsidiaries. On the other hand, having 9 subsidiaries and still managing to remain as punctual as LATAM does is impressive!

6. Qantas Airways – 86.65% OTP (Last year: 5 )

The Australian carrier reported record numbers for 2018. It carried a historical number of passengers and had the most aircraft in its fleet since its inauguration as an airline. Qantas also made the record books in 2018 with the first non-stop scheduled flight between Australia and UK. Making it to the Top 5 most punctual airlines would be a nice addition. But nobody at Qantas should be sad – 2018 was an impressive year for Qantas!