AeroTime Team
Bombardier to buy Global 7500 aircraft wing program

Bombardier has just given a major boost in its investment into business aviation part of the company. The Canadian manufacturer came to a definitive agreement to acquire the Global 7500 wing program from Triumph Group. The move poses a question whether Bombardier has already made a decision to drop commercial jet division with its only remaining CRJ series program in favor for business aviation....

Ruta Burbaite
Chronicles of Bombardier’s jet programs: signs were there

What was to be a regular quarterly earnings report, turned into a stunning announcement for the global aviation industry, when on November 8, 2018, Bombardier revealed it would sell two of its businesses, including the aging Q400 aircraft program, and cut 5,000 jobs across the board. With the CSeries and the QSeries now out of the manufacturer’s portfolio, only the CRJ regional jets remain. Will Bombardier end up being exclusively a busines...

Clement Charpentreau
Bombardier to sell its Downsview site

Bombardier has announced that it hired Toronto-Dominion bank to find a buyer for its Downsview site. This 375 acre facility is located in the North York district, in central Toronto, and includes a 7.000 foot runway. Bombardier has announced that it was only using about 10% of the facility and would like to part with this “underutilized asset”....

Jet MS reports successful Bombardier Global maintenance launch
Zivile Zalagenaite
Jet MS reports successful Bombardier Global maintenance launch

Jet Maintenance Solutions (Jet MS), a global provider of integrated aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions for business and regional aviation, kicked off 2018 with an implemented maintenance service for a Bombardier Global 5000 type aircraft....

Yulius Yoma
Bombardier Globals surpass 2,500 takeoffs, landings in Aspen

Bombardier Business Aircraft announced that Global aircraft have achieved more than 2,500 takeoffs and landings at Aspen’s airport since 2000....