Clement Charpentreau
Russia sends two nuclear-capable Tu-160 bombers to Venezuela

Another week, another batch of Russian bombers hits the news. Two Russian Tu-160 "Blackjack" strategic bombers and several other transport aircraft were sent to Venezuela on December 11, 2018, alarming Washington, which sees the government of Venezuela as one of its adversaries.  ...

Halyna Dashkevich
China develops spy satellite to catch US B-2 Spirit

China is developing a new type of spy satellite using ghost imaging technology.The probe will be able to catch “invisible” bombers like the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit....

AeroTime Extra
Russian Bomber Explodes into Fireball During Take-off

Russian bomber explodes into fireball during take-off. The shocking moment a Russian bomber explodes into an enormous fireball during a botched take-off....