Jason Shaw
BA + IT = Misery

It has been a day of complete misery for thousands of British Airways passengers as yet another IT glitch has caused a mass outage at check-in and departure operations at London Heathrow, London Gatwi...

Jason Shaw
The UK's airport drone no-fly zones increased

The drone no-fly zones around UK airports is set to be extended by the UK authorities, the government said in the morning of Wednesday, February 20th. The change in the law is a direct result of the d...

Ruta Burbaite
Southwest in “operational emergency” as dozens jets grounded

If the delay of the FAA’s authorization for Southwest’s Hawaii service launch as well as the fallout from the shocking in-flight tragedy in which a passenger was killed last year were not enough, Southwest has now been hit with another major setback. On Friday, February 15, 2019, news emerged that Southwest has declared an “operational emergency” after a significant number of aircraft were taken out of service for maintena...