Clement Charpentreau
Air India privatization suspended as no bidder showed interest

The Indian government suspended privatization process of national carrier Air India, as no bid was made to acquire the 76% stake in the debt-ridden airline, Minister of Commerce and Civil Aviation Suresh Prabhu announced on June 19, 2018....

Alexis Joseph David Fafard
NAV CANADA – a typical Canadian success story

Let’s go straight to the point – NAV CANADA has been a total success since its inception in 1996. Created after the wave of privatization in the Canadian civil aviation landscape, the non-for-profit private corporation became on November 1 of the same year the owner and operator of Canada’s civil Air Navigation System (ANS) by acquiring assets from the federal government for $1.5 billion. Twenty years later, NAV CANADA manages t...

Alexis Joseph David Fafard
Foreign ownership: a new ident for Canadian airlines

Foreign ownership restrictions regarding airlines originate from the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation in 1944. Fifty-two countries agreed on the principle that the airspace of a state is the property of this state. The main reasons why states decided to restrict foreign investment for their national air carrier were for national security, economic security and aviation security and employment laws/regulations purposes....