Rytis Beresnevicius
Mitsubishi reportedly delays the SpaceJet for the sixth time

The never-ending delays to the Mitsubishi SpaceJet seem to be continuing on. Reports indicate that the Japanese manufacturer is struggling to get certification for its regional jet....

Rytis Beresnevicius
BREAKING: Mitsubishi Has Purchased Bombardier’s CRJ Program

Bombardier has officially exited commercial aviation, as it has sold its CRJ program to Mitsubishi. Read more about the deal between the two companies:...

AeroTime Team
Mitsubishi renames MRJ as SpaceJet, unveils SpaceJet M100

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has confirmed a new name for its regional jets. Mitsubishi SpaceJet aircraft family, as it is now called, is to be comprised of two planes: the MRJ90, now renamed the SpaceJet M90, and its successor ‒ the smaller and U.S. clause compliant SpaceJet M100.  ...